High speed internet & smart tech for marinas & boaters

Say hello to Wireless Fiber with up to 1Gb internet access for boaters

Advanced technology that delivers interference-free high-speed internet is here. New wireless spectrum solutions that are specifically optimized to avoid interference from traditional WiFi.

No more slow and burring service that drops out at the worse time. Unlimited Wireless Fiber is here.

Professional installation for risk free smart marina solutions

Access the world-class solutions delivered by professional installation, management, and support teams that are constantly improving.

Meet your smart & beautiful new router

The latest in technology advancements that deliver high-speed, reliable service. Along with outstanding boat routers that support security cameras and security, motion, temperature, and leak sensors to protect and secure your boat.

We're tailor made just you

Marina owners

Building support systems to optimize operations in real time.

Marina managers

Owners enjoy a marketable, sustainable, future-proof asset.


Security, sustainability, cost savings, and a great experience.

Always on U.S & Australian support teams

Professional support staff that follows the sun, so someone is always there to take your call or answer that email. Our Australian team is even in the future. Our people have the autonomy to make decisions. No need to wait for escalation. We trust our people. 

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Driving technology for leading brands

Working on reducing our impact

100% renewable energy

We're aiming to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. So we're investing in solar and wind solutions and purchasing green energy.

E-waste recycling

We're tackling e-waste head-on and committed to recycling material packaging. We're also asking customers to opt-in for refurbished products such as WiFi routers.

Energy efficiency

We aim to achieve a 50% reduction in absolute emissions by 2025. We also work with vendors to make more energy-efficient products, such as WiFi routers.

"My team has really appreciated how easily we have been to work with Lokket, everyone loves it."

Pier 32 Marina


Providing everything that you need and more than you expect for your place

Raising property value

We are improving resident and visitor experience for improved value creation.

Magical WiFi

Ultra-fast tenant and visitor WiFi is available in common areas.


We support net-zero targets with carbon-reducing innovative property technology for a healthier future.

Higher resident retention

Innovative properties offer a higher quality of living and cost savings which could help improve resident retention.

New services

Incorporate innovative services into dock leases that add value and increase returns.

Happier management

Efficiency gains, performace gains, greater visibility and insights.

Let's see what we can do together.

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